Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just an update

Since getting back from the spring break trip, I’ve been busy with school work; overlapping studying for tests and writing papers. I finished classes last week, though. Now just have to study for three final exams. I’ll be all done on November 21st. I’ll stay the following week in PE and then I plan to leave for Coffee bay on the 1st! Just three short weeks away.

A few friends and I have finally started surfing. Roxy, a company that sells surfboards among other things, brings a trailer of boards and wetsuits down to the beach on Saturday mornings and we use them for free for a couple hours. The first try was disappointing. For some reason, when I pictured myself surfing, I actually pictured myself surfing, so I was surprised when I couldn’t ride the waves like a pro. I guess I was cocky remembering when I stood up and rode in on a broken wave the first time I ever tried surfing when I was about four feet tall on Dad’s ten foot board. But it’s gotten progressively better every time, and therefore more fun. I’ll have three weeks in Coffee Bay to really improve!

As a gift from a few friends for my birthday, they treated me to a mini vacation in Jeffreys Bay, an awesome surfing spot an hour down the coast. Not that we were there for the surf; we’re still perfecting riding already-broken waves. The highlight of the weekend was sandboarding!—like snowboarding down sand dunes. I haven’t snowboarded much, but judging from my little experience, sandboarding was a lot more fun…and easier, which is probably why it was more fun. It was the perfect time for a getaway because I getting no where trying to study before that, but when we got back I could concentrate. Been in the books since. Eleven more days of this! (And then one semester of college left! And it’s a doozie; six classes and commuting. Wish me luck.)

Besides final exams and Coffee Bay, I don't have much coming up. Saturday I'm going to the South Africa vs. Japan soccer game at the new stadium in PE. Monday I'm watching a Patriots game! I met a Zimbabwean that not only likes American football, but likes the Pats. He told me they play one game every Monday at a bar in town. This Monday they're showing Sunday's Pats vs. Colts game so I will be there. Unfortunately, they don't have Bud heavy here.

Six weeks ‘til I’m home! The first things I’m eating are bagels, lasagna, and homemade cookies. Then I’m snuggling with my dogs on the couch and watching TV, flicking through all the channels we got while washing my clothes in a washing machine and dryer! And then I’ll drive anywhere I want! But I’ll have no idea what side of the road to drive on so this will be dangerous so I will walk anywhere I want, by myself, at anytime of day or night, and not get killed. I miss America. Although, it's 81 degrees out right now. I'm not looking forward to New England temps and waking up in the dark. Other than that though..

This is short but I really have to study. Ugh.


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